24-Inch Video Brick System

Interlocking Kiosk displays

Pyramid Computer has taken the wraps off a 24-inch interactive brick system designed for interlocking kiosk-style displays in a retail environment.

Product tagging technology

Say hello to the PowaTag

Powa Technologies has unveiled the PowaTag, a QR code-based technology that `tags' a product, allowing consumers to buy a given product online, even when the outlet selling the product is closed.

Airports $2.2 billion kiosk investment

AMI Predicts big growth

Airports set to spend more than $2.2bn on automated gates and kiosk systems.

Bitesize guide for Kiosk Development

Cammax publish free guide

 Entitled `A Bite-Sized Guide To Kiosk Deployment' the guide - aims to step companies through the different stages involved in selecting and deploying a self-service kiosk.

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